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To: The Government

Rayleigh Action Group 's 10,000 objectors want enquiry

Dear Prime Minister David Cameron,

We want you to listen to 10,000 local people, of Rayleigh and district, that objected during a Government Inspectors report and order a suspension of the Local Plan until a full enquiry into the early stages of this deeply resented Local Plan is called for. Enquire why were brownfield sites ignored and spurious accreditation given to other suitable sites? The present plan includes the building of a large housing estate on a serving Councillor's family farmland who was on the original Development Committee during the 'call for sites'. You claim to believe in 'open' Government. If so, why is there a secrecy clause in the Rochford District Council's Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment that prevent residents identifying who is being enriched by the decisions they are making?
Stop a sports club's transfer after the removal of their Council 45 year lease, left with just 7 days notice to consult their 700 members prior to the Consultation on the Core Strategy. The site allows access to the Greenbelt farmland site.
Check thoroughly whether this sports ground is subject to a 'constructive trust' after the acquisition from an elderly benefactor in 1964? Ask why can no old deed documents, that might prove this, be located at the Land Registry or by Rochford District Council?

Why are the RDC placing a 'Dale Farm' size Traveller site right on the entrance to our lovely town while displacing settled Travellers half a mile along the same road at a projected cost of £2.5. million pounds to the taxpayer?

We have two local Libdem Councillors who were crushed by 35 Conservatives when challenging this plan. Do you accept that possible political bullying can be used to punish whole communities? There will be 1379 houses in the Libdem Wards there is not one dwelling planned in the Tory Wards in this town of Rayleigh. Is this equitable?. We ask how can this travesty be allowed to stand? If 98% of the residents object how could this be ratified by Rochford District Council?

Why is this important?

Democracy in our nation is on trial with this decision. We cannot tell the world to act with fairness and decency if we allow such situation to go unchallenged in our own back yard. 10,000 people in a small English town cannot be ignored or be wrong. This is England UK not a banana republic run by a despot, or is it?


Reasons for signing

  • Rayleigh is just not able to take this amount of properties as the drains, roads and sewage will not cope with this amount of houses, and why when the local MP votes against it dose he then say it will go ahead what ever the residents of Rayleigh including him say.
  • I signed because the local roads and drainage is not able to take the extra load of drainage,rain water or traffic, also I am fed up with the local MP telling me who ever is in power i,e, it will go ahead what ever the local people want!
  • This development is plain wrong on many aspects including extra traffic on existing congested roads, too many houses on already overdeveloped areas, possible flooding issues. RDC and Tory councillors can just ride roughshod over anyone who dares to object to their plans for the area - THERE IS NOW NO DEMOCRACY! Evelyn G


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