To: Minister of Housing

Re-classify Residential Park/Mobile Homes as Housing, not caravans.

Re-classify Residential Park/Mobile Homes as Housing, not caravans.

The Government has announced that it is proposing to create a new Ombudsman scheme to deal with the mass of problems encountered by all sections of the housing sector, n To ensure that the long neglected residential park/homes sector Totally remove Residential Park/mobile homes from the outdated official classification of Caravans stationed on Caravan Sites and include them in their rightful place as housing proper governed by the Housing Act, taking park homes out of the current discredited park owner biased, loophole ridden,widely abused Mobile Homes Act,

Why is this important?

Having happily owned a park home since 1987 we were horrified when the site was sold in 1999 and the new owner turned out to be a terrible example of what is know throughout the park home community as an Unscrupulous park owner (UPO).
From the very first day he took over the park, he has systematically driven off most of the existing residents by all forms of intimidation, harassment, verbal abuse, foul language and even worse.
Many residents who are aged in their 60s,70s, 80,s and 90,s been so terrified of his bullying methods that they have abandoned their beautiful homes to him for often a couple of hundred pounds or usually nothing at all and worse.
I myself have had 6 large propane gas bottles with a two gallon can of petrol and other flammable material stacked up against the rear wall of my home, right under my daughters bedroom followed by the burning of a full sized double unit park home on a huge fire situated some 10 feet from my home. Other residents have had their property stolen and burnt, gardens destroyed, been illegally prevented from selling their homes except to the site owner for a pittance. Site owner banging on doors late at night, shouting abuse and threats is commonplace. Calling elderly residents "Arseholes", " old b****ards and worse is also common for of abuse. withdrawal of essential services as water supply resulting in our not being able to drink the foul tasting water coming from the tap and having to fill up containers for a neighbours. Although these brief examples of abuse is an ever day occurrence we are forced to endure on our UPO's Site, it only the tip of the iceberg as it is repeated on an ever increasing number of parks nationwide. In a bid to try and bring the plight of ourselves and the many other park home residents in the UK enduring similar treatment early in 2002 we formed the PARK HOME RESIDENTS ACTION ALLIANCE (PHRAA) a voluntary national park home residents association working exclusively for the rights of all park home owners to a fair deal, which is still going strong today.
The main problem is that the suffering, exploitation of the elderly park home owners is almost totally ignored by those in authority including successive Governments, Local Authorities, Police etc, etc., none of which will take action against these rogues who consequently continue to carry out their illegal exploitation of innocent and helpless park home residents, safe in the knowledge that they are completely immune from any form of sanction from the law. This petition is your chance to help all park home owners to obtain some protection from the Housing Act and end the stigma of being treated by all in authority as SECOND CLASS CITIZENS. This petition is published by Ron Joyce, Park Home Resident/Owner For more information please click onto and

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  • This is a must, The defenition of a caravan is ( A vehicle that can be lived in typically towed by a car and used for holidays) Our homes are definitely not that so why are we still classified as caravan sites. We are residential Park Home Estates, ARE WE NOT?
  • They should be House not Mobil Homes and get the same protection that bricks and Mortar get It is an insult to call them Caravans
  • This is long overdue, the more people that sign the better the rogue owners are still getting away with terrible behaviour towards the residents who live in Park homes


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