To: Hull City Council

Re-Open Dock House

Re-Open Dock House

Provide funding to re open a much needed hostel to provide night shelter to the homeless. 18 beds are already available to be used.

Why is this important?

As winter draws nearer, temperatures will plummet making the rough sleepers of Hull even more vulnerable. A warm bed and a shower could could potentially save lives. Although there are other hostels in Hull, these do not provide enough beds to the rise in homelessness.



Reasons for signing

  • Twenty years ago I was homeless, I know how hard it is. In 2017 homelessness has increased and surviving it has become tougher. Support this petition because if luck goes against you, it could happen to you.
  • Because I believe in you
  • because my brother is in there, sue he needs it because he is in first stages od dimentia,and doesnt want to move back to wsea to stay with us, so thank you to all concerned,who look after him, a big thanks x x


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