To: Nickie Aiken, Leader, Westminster City Council

Re-Open Luxborough Street Playground

Re-Open Luxborough Street Playground

Re-Open the Luxborough Street playground

Why is this important?

Since 2009, local residents have been fighting Westminster City Council's plans to build luxury flats on the playground. It was boarded up in 2015, but the Council scrapped their plans in 2016.

Open space in the city centre is a precious and scarce resource. This playground is the only 'kickabout' space locally. Despite its deteriorating condition, it has been well-used by the local community for decades.

It is completely overlooked, so safe to use. However, since being boarded up, it has attracted rough sleepers and vandalism.

We are calling for the playground to be re-opened, with safe and secure access for the local community.

Marylebone, London


Reasons for signing

  • Children learn a lot more from the playground then at home looking at the wall. Also, a playground is where children can get the fresh air they need.
  • A community space that should be available for everyone to use
  • precious space for our young people


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