To: UK Government

Re-think and Stop Brexit

Re-think and Stop Brexit

The option of remaining in the EU is on the Brexit negotiation table. We ask that the UK government rejects Brexit and remains in the EU.

Why is this important?

The 'will of the people' and tide of public opinion on Brexit is shifting. Brexit is not inevitable. It is time to re-think and reject Brexit. Giving British people a real choice, based on fact, is the only democratic option for the UK Parliament.


Reasons for signing

  • Brexit is affecting over 3million EU citizens who have build their life in the uk, including their families!. Why should we be having happing to apply for settled status when we had right to live in the uk indefinitely!
  • The negotiations are a Mess and we have a huge amount to lose and almost nothing to gain. Geoff B
  • I did not vote for Brexit. The negotiations are a mess. The whole process has been about the Tory party and its internal wranglings. The latest debacle of the possibility of jeopardising the situation in Ireland is, for me a step too far. There is still a mountain of legalities to be sorted out and so far this government can't even sort out points of information within their own party. Please please stop this before it really is too late.


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