To: Damian Green, MP for Ashford

Reduce speed limit on Ashford Rd - Hamstreet Rd TN26

Reduce speed limit on Ashford Rd - Hamstreet Rd TN26

Local residents and users of the Ashford Rd - Hamstreet Rd (B2070 TN26) are calling for a reduced speed limit between Hamstreet village and Kingsnorth village.

We want the council to significantly reduce the speed limit down to 40 mph, and in parts 30 mph. Along with this the council must effectively enforce the speed limit.

Why is this important?

1. Improve our quality of life and reclaim our right to walk, cycle and horse ride along our rural roads.
Dangerous speeding and the constant threat of road accidents is robbing us of our right to enjoy our rural landscape, local footpaths, woods and fields that surround us. Due to the high speeds on this road it is far too dangerous to walk, horse ride or cycle on this narrow rural road, especially with small children and animals by our sides, and so we cannot access the many wonderful outdoor activities that are on our doorstep safely or easily.

2. Stop dangerous speeding and resulting accidents
This stretch of road is notoriously dangerous with numerous accident spots. Motorists travel at highly dangerous speeds on this stretch of road and are endangering their own lives as well as those of the people who live along this road and use it on a daily basis.

The following are specific areas of concern:
The corner between Poplar Farm and Bromley Green Farm is notorious for accidents (at least 17 recorded accidents where cars left the road on this corner alone in 2016). There is a long history of problems with this corner and local residents and motorists have complained many times over the years. We believe there to be an issue with the road surface and camber making it particularly unsafe, but the council have failed to address the issue.

The crossroad with Hornash Lane and Bromley Green Rd is notoriously dangerous and has suffered from many collisions and constant near misses due to the speed at which people drive around the blind corner.

Residents trying to turn on to the Ashford - Hamstreet Rd from narrow side streets and driveways with poor visibility are extremely concerned for their safety as cars race by at over the national speed limit continuously.

2. Being told that ‘x’ number of people have to die before the council will reduce the speed limit is just not good enough.
Unfortunately it is just a matter of time until we reach the 'required' quota of serious or fatal incidents. We are not statistics, even ‘just’ a single death is a devastating tragedy to a family and the community they live in. Please help us to do something before this happens, by reducing the speed limit to a sensible 30-40mph for the area given how many dangerous bends, blind corners, cross roads, concealed driveways and families that live on and use this road daily. This is a neighbourhood, not a racetrack after all!

4. Deter through traffic that should be using the A2070 Hamstreet bypass / trunk road.
Ashford Rd gets a lot of through traffic, especially trucks, that speed dangerously. A speed reduction and traffic calming measures will make this a less attractive shortcut to through traffic that should be using the trunk road instead.

5. Increasing traffic due to new housing in the area.
Ashford Borough Council have a highly aggressive plan to build new houses on much of the rural land between Kingsnorth and Hamstreet. The local housing plan going up to 2030 aims to build several thousand new houses along this stretch of road alone, and that’s not counting other nearby villages and Chilmington Green that will use this road too. Assuming these are all family homes this means multiple cars per household, and thus a huge increase in traffic using this road over the next few years is inevitable. In addition it also means more families and children at risk of road accidents on this road too. *

*For more information on impact of future developments by Ashford Borough Council’s plan to develop green field land along Ashford Rd.
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How it will be delivered

Once we have gathered sufficient signatures, we will aim to deliver the petition in person to Damian Green or one of his representatives.

Ashford District

Reasons for signing

  • the council will wait until someone is killed before they do anything
  • Because some people drive too fast on country lanes not every body only some .
  • The other day I slowed down to 45 near that corner, and a tesco delivery truck behind me beeped me...


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