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To: Stafford Borough Council and Stafford and Rural Homes

Refugees Welcome in Stafford

Thank you for signing the petition Refugees Welcome in Stafford which raised 507 signatures and was presented to Stafford Borough Council last Autumn. There are now 50 refugees in Staffordshire through the Government Syrian Resettlement Scheme. If you interested in becoming involved in welcoming refugees and/or campaigning further by joining the Stafford Welcomes Refugees (SWR) group please click on my name above to email me.

Refugees Welcome in Stafford

Offer to home 50 refugee families

Why is this important?

Aylan, the toddler who drowned fleeing Syria, was just three years old. His town was under attack by Isis. His five year old brother and his mum also died trying to reach safety.

Yet our prime minister said ‘we won't take any more refugees’. He thinks that most of us don't care. But 38 Degrees members do care. We don't want Britain to be the kind of country that turns its back as people drown in their desperation to flee places like Syria.

So let's stand up for Britain's long tradition of helping refugees fleeing war. Let's show the Prime Minister that we, the people of the UK, are proud to do our part and provide refuge to people in their hour of need.

Please sign and share, or start your own petition for your town or city here:


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Reasons for signing

  • Human need is a global responsibility. We are not segregated we are one planet.
  • Feel it's my duty to help the oppressed and helpless.
  • We have a moral obligation and responsibility to help our fellow human beings when they are so desperately in need of help


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Petition is successful with 507 signatures

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2015-10-19 09:39:18 +0100

338 Staffordians signed the on line petition so far and a few have signed the paper petition. Stafford Borough Council agreed to get stuck into housing refugees and are liaising with relevant agencies and government departments– but won't say how refugees yet . Some borough councillors and our MP have signed our petition for 50 families. We have a drop off point for specific and essential goods for refugees in Calais and beyond( phone 01785253428). We are lobbying , Stafford Borough Council and Staffordshire County Council to do more at a local level and our MP to press for an improved Government response at a national and international level. Next meeting of the action group is Thursday Oct 22nd 7.30 pm at Highfields Social Club, Barnes Rd, Stafford. It is open to all who wish to play a part in welcoming refugees to Stafford.

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