To: Theresa May

Refuse the government 1% rise for NHS care and nursing staff

Since 2010, we who give so selflessly to working for the NHS, and caring for the public, have been subject to a freeze which has seen us lose out on 17% in wage rises. For most that has meant that we are struggling to live as the price of living and inflation far exceeds what we are earning. Overtime, second jobs and food banks are a daily reality for us. The government debated and decided a 1% rise was sufficient. This equates to approximately £5 a week for most of us. Show our government that our NHS cleaners, security, dentists, nurses, midwives, and care staff are worth so much more to the people they support and provide an invaluable round the clock service to. Ask them to re-evaluate their worth and the increase to their wages.

Why is this important?

We are seeing more people who are losing heart and morale about working in a job that most feel should be rewarding. People go into the health industry to make a change, but they are being exploited to the very limit. We are struggling for staff in all areas and less are wanting to train due to being able to earn more in a supermarket than a hospital.