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To: UK Councils

Regenerate Our UK Concrete Jungles Into Permanent Urban Wildernesses...

Regenerate Our UK Concrete Jungles Into Permanent Urban Wildernesses...

Our wildlife, pollinators and birds are facing a near apocalypse & humans are suffering too...

I have a super simple idea, 'Urban Pocket Wild-Scaping' (backed by Environmental Scientists, Ecologists, Wildlife Experts, Professional Environmental Researchers and Global Urban Planners) to unite our UK population (as a collective) to transform our concrete jungles into permanent urban wildernesses, protected from all future development.


I'm applying to UK councils to buy/protect miles of council-owned otherwise unused patches of land across our cities/towns - every single one of the green patches of grass that you would see as you walk down the street - to rewild them (working with ecologists & rewilding specialists to plant wildflowers, shrubs, plants and hedges) to transform them into havens for struggling wildlife, birds, butterflies, bees etc...

To ensure my success in applying to purchase these patches of land, I am asking for those who share my vision to sign and show UK councils that I am not alone in wanting to transform our urban landscape.

Urban spaces will be regenerated into urban wildernesses (the human community benefits are immense: cleaner air, lowered stress levels, local flood prevention!) and humanity will have the effortless opportunity to once again live in harmony with those millions of wild lives that share our national landscape with us.

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Thank you so much for standing with me, Alana

Why is this important?

Our wildlife, pollinators and birds are facing a near apocalypse due to loss of habitat/litter/pollution & humans are suffering (our mental and physical health) from a disconnection from nature.

I've been lucky enough to speak to leading UK ecologists who think that small mammals, insects and birds will use these spaces and have even brought up other benefits that I hadn’t considered, like the savings on carbon emissions by stopping the land from being mowed continuously and the lack of water pollution because we will be stopping any pesticides that may have been being used before.

With 100,000s of these patches of grass land being available, rewilding them will have an immense environmental impact AND improve the quality of human life for those in all regenerated areas, having a positive socio-economic impact too.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be handed in to UK Councils when I am applying to buy the land from them, to prove how many of the UK public want to see our urban spaces regenerated into urban wildernesses.

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Reasons for signing

  • It’s a good plan
  • The answer to our global warming is within the soil and if we can green up any area (WITHOUT USING ARTIFICIAL FERTILISERS) this will help the soil to lock in carbon. It’s a no-brainer.
  • Rewilding is important.


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