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Regeneration of the National Health Service

I would like the National Health Service to be reorganised so that the Mental Health Act under which human beings are subjected to incarceration in mental hospitals is removed from health considerations as these relate to care for the patient's medical needs for the alleviation of their suffering distress and anxieties whereas the former is to do with what the State considers as the correct means of dealing with crimes and misdemeanours by a person alleged to have broken the law. Diagnosis and treatment of forensic issues that the State considers as necessary should instead be dealt with as a branch of the criminal courts to include the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court depending on the severity of the issues of conduct of human beings that are judged to have been against the norms that is to be expected by the State. Currently, care in the community is dealt with as part of the provisions of the Mental Health Act in that once a person has been sectioned and released from sectioning, he or she is held under semi-detention terms by being subjected to enforced medications such as anti-psychotics and anti-depressants which cause horrendous side effects on the person taking them and so these treatments should be regarded as punishment on the individual to restrict his freedom not for the alleviation of any mental ailments that caused the authorities to place the person under 'house arrest' effectively from the times that they have spent in mental hospitals. The diagnosis of mental health is an uncertain science and it varies considerably through life as the person gets educated and learns from his or her personal experiences so that he or she undergoes rehabilitation voluntarily from any departures from the normal customs of the State.

This means that there is confusion for both the Psychiatrists who are being asked to assess and treat a so-called patient rather than a 'criminal' as well as in the person being subjected to such interrogations and enforced Care Plans.

So, punishment for crimes and misdemeanours that affect the stability of the State and care for genuine distress in a patient are two different elements of mental health with different aetiologies that require different psychiatric expertise and should not be combined and conflated, as is currently done through Community Mental Health Teams in Mental Health Centres.

Why is this important?

It is important that a human being knows what he is being subjected to in reality, whether it is punishment to stop him or her from undertaking lawful activities in society or whether it is his or her welfare of the mind that is being attended to by society. Welfare of the mind should be attended to by psychologists and those with religious and philosophical expertise whereas forensics should be diagnosed by State-psychiatrists trained in what is good from the point of view of the stable functioning of the State where the Mental Health Act is certainly applicable. It should be borne in mind that for a person seeking psychological and medicinal help from his own personal wish can easily be considered to be forensic in nature by Psychiatrists who are not trained in the functioning of the human mind and there are no appeal processes in the current Mental Health Care Centres nor is the desirable second opinion on diagnosis and treatment permitted by the State. So the human being is held in limbo by not being sectioned but also kept under semi-detention which does not come under the Mental Health Act. The patient therefore continues to suffer unnecessarily and is faced with uncertainty concerning his or her future of living in the Community.

How it will be delivered

I wish to collect all signatures and submit them to my local Member of Parliament for the House of Commons to institute a private members bill based on my experiences of the law and the medical professions.



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Holding Boris Johnson to account2
Shan Panigrahi
To:38 Degrees

I have been a mental patient with a heavy physical conditions associated with that over 22 years. It is my honest opinion that forcing hospitals and GP Surgeries into limited waiting times causes more harm than good as the physicians responsible for the patients care rush through their diagnosis and treatment in which the patient becomes a guniea pig of the Health authorities and there is misdiagnosis while they correct their assessments with further appointments.

We should aim for the return of family doctors and the building of more hospitals to cater to the health needs of the people. I would add this to the following petition that I started:

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Shantanu Panigrahi
All private business including those in the Health Care sector should pay taxes like value added tax is paid by consumers on each deal struck, in addition to corporation tax on the Firm's annual profits. This requires reform of company taxation policies:
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Richard Branson's Virgin Healthcare has paid no tax on £2billion NHS deals

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None of the above procedures were followed in my Case, so it appears as though I am not under any lawful Community Treatment Order.

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Not much has happened on this matter as the constitution is still unclear. Follow this here: