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To: The CQC

Reinstate private tongue tie practitioners

Reinstate private tongue tie practitioners

Engage openly with the large number of private Tongue Tie Practitioners unable to practice in the UK due to a regulatory issue which the CQC have been unable to clarify. Enable these essential service providers to return to their work quickly and snoothly, to avoid further harm to new families.

Why is this important?

Private tongue tie practitioners are highly specialised service providers, taking burden off the NHS and ensuring choice for parents seeking frenotomy in the UK without having to wait sometimes in excess of 8 weeks for an NHS referal. Tongue tie can lead to damaged nipples, mastitis, breast abscess, slow weight gain, Failure to Thrive, and fussy behaviour. To essentially remove the choice of speedy access to frenotomy is outrageous.

In addition to the harm caused to families private practitioners have been unable to work for over a month now causing stress, anxiety, and heavily reduced income.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • without the help of a private lactation consultant I would most likely have had to stop breastfeeding. I went to the children’s centre and the health visitor for help, but neither recognised that my son had a tongue tie or were able to help me when I was in pain. If I’d have had to rely on the nhs I would have had no choice but to stop breastfeeding.
  • My grandson was tied and wasn't picked up straight away
  • A private practitioner divided my son's tongue tie far sooner and at a more convenient location than going by the (already overstretched) NHS, saving my breastfeeding journey, and countless others of this I have no doubt.


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