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To: Peterborough City Council

Reintroduce the local link 406 bus service!

Reintroduce the local link 406 bus service!

Dear Cllr Marco Cereste,

Please look at reintroducing the local link 406 bus service, that was previously scrapped, by the City Council at the end of 2013.

The 406 enabled local people who do not have a car and are not able to walk long distances the chance to get to the Werrington Centre, the City Centre and even the City Hospital, at times that suited them and were flexible.

Buses are a viable part of the solution to ever increasing gridlock on our roads and the City Councils environmental aspirations!

Why is this important?

The decision to cut the service, ignored public opinion and contradicted the local authority's own comments just a few years ago, when in a press release it was announced that ‘due to a high number of passengers using the Local Link 406 service, these buses will run half-hourly rather than hourly on a three-month trial basis’ – So why remove a much needed and required service for local people!

A local link bus service, like the 406, not only helps address the ever increasing number of cars on the road, thus reducing the cost of road repairs each year and burden on the local tax payers, enables people to be able to travel around the city and visit commercial premises, thus supporting the local economy, but more importantly helps reduce harmful pollution and impact on our city's environment.


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