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To: London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Reject Plans to Demolish the Joiners Arms, Hackney Road

12/10/17 - We won!

The redevelopment must include an LGBT club for at least 25 years, councillors have ruled, in a landmark decision designed to stem the “shocking” closure of gay venues in the UK.

Reject Plans to Demolish the Joiners Arms, Hackney Road

On Wednesday 9th August, Tower Hamlets Council will decide whether or not to approve a planning application that could see legendary LQBTQI+ pub the Joiners Arms demolished. Friends of the Joiners Arms, with its allies, will be there to demand the application be rejected and that the venue return to the community.

Please sign the petition below to show your opposition to these plans, and to demand the Joiners Arms is re-opened under LGBTQI+ community control!

Why is this important?

The Joiners Arms was the first pub in the country to pay the London Living Wage, and tried to put its maxim ‘Love, Life, Liberty’ into everything it did. It was debauched, hedonistic, fun and accepting - but it also worked outside the scope of being ‘just a queer pub’, running outreach sessions, HIV testing, and hosting community groups. As London has lost nearly 60% of its queer spaces, we want to re-open a venue that has at its heart the diverse community - a place we can all drink, dance, socialise, learn, organise and love.

The current proposals are to demolish the existing venue, and surrounding buildings, to be replaced with a multi-storey office/residential block. Whilst there is a space for a licensed unit in this development, we do not believe this will create a viable, late-licence, community-oriented LGBTQI+ venue.

And if you're a resident of Tower Hamlets, you could be extra effective and contact your councillor expressing your concern about this issue (referencing PA/17/00250/A1) via

How it will be delivered

We will be speaking at the Development Committee on 9th August, and will be referencing this petition and any comments we receive.

Hackney Road, London

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