To: The Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Secretary of State for the Home Office

Relax visa restrictions for Chinese nationals

Relax visa restrictions for Chinese nationals

Dear Home Secretary, please encourage more Chinese nationals to visit the UK by continuing to ease visa burdens. Although laudable progress has been made in recent months, visa requirements are still perceived as complicated and unfriendly.

Why is this important?

While a record 149,000 Chinese citizens arrived in the UK in 2011, 632,000 went to Germany and 1.2 million visited France (WTO figures).

With the average Chinese visitor spending £1,688 in the UK (200 percent more than the average visiting nation), it is imperative that we close the gap with our Schengen neighbours and bring more money into the country. Tourism and retail chiefs believe that billions could be added to the British economy simply through relaxing visa rules.


Reasons for signing

  • I signed because it's an incredibly difficult and time consuming task to gather the necessary documents to bring my wife to my homeland for a holiday.
  • The UK visa system is a total mess. This is just one example of why. It prevents the UK from doing business and does little in its present form to adequately protect borders. The government are so busy creating an image of all foreigners as the great evil that they cannot see the damage they are doing to the economy and the overseas image of the UK.
  • I signed this petition because Britain is making it increasingly difficult for foreign students to study in the UK. The UK considers students as immigrants despite the fact that the when they finish their courses they generally go back to their home countries. It is much easier for the government to reduce immigration figures by reducing the number of students than for them to tackle illegal immigration. Please sign this petition.