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To: Milford Haven Port Authority

Remove Mosquito Device/Audio Weapon from Milford Haven Library!

Remove Mosquito Device/Audio Weapon from Milford Haven Library!

Remove the Mosquito Device from the Library building! It has been active in the day for months! It is now off during the day, but is faulty and is under human control and so human error could cause it to come on again and cause damage!

The Mosquito device is an audio weapon (youth deterrent) that emits a high frequency noise that can only be heard by young people and those with sensitive hearing.

Why is this important?

It is dangerous! It is discriminatory to those under 25, it has an adverse affect on people with mental health, chronic health and disabilities such as autism and hypersensitivity to noise. There is no medical evidence that it is safe for children under 16... So could damage young ears!

How it will be delivered

To the port authority with a full case for the legal and medical grounds on which the device should be removed.

Milford Haven Port Authority, Gorsewood Drive, Milford Haven

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Reasons for signing

  • Any device the selectively targets and harms a minority of the population is intrinsically offensive. The fact that these devices are legal shames the UK. They should be banned now. (If they were capable of targeting men and not women - or vice versa - or an ethnic minority rather than young people, they already would be.)
  • No library should drive away kids full stop, using a device like this is just awful, especially when it can be damaging.
  • Young people should be being encouraged to read, not turned away.


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