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To: Metro Mayor Dan Norris, First Bus and Transpora Bus

Restore a bus service to Stapleton, Bristol
Stapleton residents have been left cut off since the withdrawal of all bus services running through the neighbourhood.

A bus service, either a subsidised service or a for-profit bus service, needs to be run through Stapleton up Bell Hill, to provide a crucial connection for residents.

Why is this important?

Despite only being a short distance from Bristol City Centre, and there being a number of bus services that run alongside the parallel Fishponds Road, no buses currently run up Bell Hill leaving residents cut off.

This particularly negatively impacts people who do not drive, people with disabilities or ill-health, and visitors to Elm Tree Farm. We should also be encouraging people to travel sustainably - but this can only be done if people have a bus service that they can rely on.
Stapleton, Bristol BS16, UK

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