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To: UK Government

Revoke all charges against anti-fracking protesters & apologise

Revoke all charges against anti-fracking protesters & apologise

For nearly a decade residents throughout UK campaigned against fracking. The government promoted, encouraged, financed & marketed a 'Dash for Gas' based on inadequate research that meant our communities were vulnerable to harm. Used as guinea pigs, then treated as criminals when we objected.

Why is this important?

Hundreds of arrests, fines, records & outstanding court cases MUST BE OVERTURNED; our bodies were harmed by police during peaceful protest; arrests, fines, jail time & criminal records followed. We want an apology for anguish, suffering & time stolen from people who simply wanted to protect their families. Government has now admitted we were right - they cannot safely frack for shale gas without risking uncontrollable &unpredictable seismic activity.

We are not and never have been criminals.



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