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To: Swansea University

Safeguard Our Degrees at Swansea University!

Safeguard Our Degrees at Swansea University!

We call on Swansea University to listen and act on student concerns regarding the recent events at the School of Management.
Students are concerned over the recent negative profile of the school in the press and we ask that the university consult students and implement a mutually agreed plan of action.

Why is this important?

Students at Swansea University have serious concerns regarding the negative profile of the School of Management in the local and national press. We are worried that the school and university's reputation has been damaged and this will negatively impact on the value of our degrees.
We stand by those students at the School of Management who, having incurred debts of £9,000 a year to attend university, have seen their student experience suffer the consequences of a high staff turn around since the summer of 2013.
Students and staff at Swansea University, alumni and members of our wider community - we ask that you sign this petition to call on the university to honour our investment in a better future and safeguard our degrees!


Reasons for signing

  • Don't let the good guys suffer!
  • I am very proud that students have taken action. Professor Alison Pullen
  • Swansea University Council - wake up!!


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