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To: Wandsworth Council

Safer, people-friendly streets for Wandsworth - 20mph is Plenty

Safer, people-friendly streets for Wandsworth - 20mph is Plenty

We, the undersigned, call on Wandsworth Council to consult residents borough-wide about introducing 20mph as the speed limit on all our residential and local shopping streets.

Why is this important?

This petition is supported by the following local voluntary groups in Wandsworth: Battersea Society; Putney Society; Wandsworth Cycling Campaign; Wandsworth Society; Wandsworth Environment Forum; Wandsworth Living Streets; Wandsworth Friends of the Earth.

The council has been moving on this matter, albeit very slowly. Recent trials in West Putney and the Dover House Estate were strongly supported, and have had positive outcomes in line with the experience across Britain of other local authorities improving their streets in this way. We would like the council to respond more pro-actively in light of the positive local outcome of the initial trials, and the growing demand from people to have safer, more inclusive, quieter and more forgiving streets. Fewer collisions occur when the top speed is 20mph, and those that do are have significantly lower chances of resulting in fatal or serious outcomes.

Further details in terms of the evidence gathered to date, and briefing sheets can be seen via the national 20s Plenty for Us website -

London Borough of Wandsworth, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • A scientific evaluation of 20mp zones was published more than 5 years ago in The British Medical Journal (BMJ). It showed amongst other supporting results that [..] 20 mph zones prevent 203 casualties per year, of whom 27 would be killed and seriously injured and 51 would be pedestrians". Given this, it is quite amazing we haven't yet implemented more widely 20pmh zones.
  • 20 is plenty
  • 30 mph is too fast for residential roads. 20 has to be safer for everyone.


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