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To: UK Parliament

Sanction Israel for crimes against humanity

Sanction Israel for crimes against humanity

We demand the British government & opposition immediately discusses sanctions on Israel, including withholding the billions of pounds of aid our country sends to Israel each year, in the face of their military attacks on Gaza. We demand that our government holds one of it's purported allies accountable for the war crimes being committed in the occupied territories of Gaza & the West Bank. We demand that our government oversees the lifting of the blockades in Palestine & sends immediate aid to the worst affected areas who are running short of food, water, medicine & fuel. We demand that our government accurately represents the outrage amongst Britain's population at the callous & horrific actions of Israel towards the Palestinian people.

Why is this important?

We cannot allow this cycle of violence to continue. As Israel's disregard for international law & humanitarian needs intensify, the radicalisation of rebels will only continue to rise alongside it. Until Israel begins treating the Palestinian's like human beings this cycle will rage on. It is simply not possible for us to stand by & do nothing as innocent men, women & children are bombed in their own homes and imprisoned in their own towns. The Israel attacks are blatant examples of collective punishment, which is defined as a war crime. Should we allow this to continue, we become complicit in their actions & every subsequent civilian casualty will leave blood on our hands as a nation.



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