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To: Somerset West & Taunton Council

Save 11 Blenheim Mews in Minehead!

Save 11 Blenheim Mews in Minehead!

Please save 11 Blenheim Mews in Minehead from being redeveloped beyond recognition!

Why is this important?

Minehead is a busy seaside resort on the north coast of Somerset. The town's architectural landmarks are as vital to its economy as it's many other attractions. Many of these buildings are formally recognised period properties. Without Minehead's unique history, the town would not hold as much of a draw to the tourists on which the local economy predominantly depends. The Somerset Historic Environment Record includes every one of Minehead's landmarks and should be safeguarded at all costs. But it is now under threat from developers!

11 Blenheim Mews is one of the buildings on this list and is currently in danger of becoming redeveloped beyond recognition. The stable building is one of the last of its type in Minehead still in its original condition. The Victorians built these stable buildings to serve the imposing Victorian houses of Blenheim Road and are part of the Wellington Square Conservation Area.

However, the application intends to remove all original features that make this building unique. The design involves building an extension right up to the front boundary, installing a large, metal bi-fold door and fibre cement sheet cladding to the front aspect, laying a patio area directly outside, installing painted metal windows, three dormer windows and as many skylights. The application also proposes the extensive use of bricks, which is an entirely inappropriate material compared to the stonework of the neighbouring buildings.

The building is in the centre of town amongst Minehead's highest-profile landmarks and heritage assets. The proposed application would fail to preserve or enhance the character and appearance of the conservation area, endangering the historical integrity of the current building and compromising the Somerset Historic Environment Record. Any works should preserve the original facade of the building.

If developers lay waste to 11 Blenhiem Mews, the Somerset Historic Environment Record will not even be worth the paper it is written on. The original features of this building deserve better than being consigned to the scrap heap.

The planning application is available to view on the Somerset West and Taunton planning portal. The application is entitled "3/21/22/041 | Conversion of residential garage and first floor workshop, with erection of a single storey extension, into 1 No. dwelling with parking | Garage to the rear of Blenheim Mews, Minehead, TA24 5QZ"

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Minehead, UK

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2022-05-16 12:04:36 +0100

Update: Three skylights were recently installed to the rear aspect of the roof without planning permission. The council has been informed about this!