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To: Andrew Murrison

Save Our Greenfields in Southwick

23/02/18 - Great news!

In case you don't know already, Redrow Homes have decieded to withdraw their Appeal against Wiltshire Council's refusal to allow outline planning permission to build 100+new homes on land south of Blind Lane, Southwick.

In addition, Wiltshire Council have refused outline planning permission to the speculative outline planning proposal to build 140+ new homes on land east of Wynsome Street, Southwick.

These are major achievements for the humble residents of Southwick.

A difficult fight? Most certainly yes.

But one worth fighting, as we have saved acres of valued greenfield and have proved that these corporations can be beaten.

Protect the green field sites of Wiltshire from large scale building developments.
Keep our countryside for the enjoyment of all, not just for profit by landowners and developers.
Protect our local wildlife, rare species and places of natural beauty.
Protect and boost our local tourist industry.

Why is this important?

Far too many rural and semi rural greenfield sites are being offered for housing developments. There is still a plentiful supply of brown field sites available but developers profit margins are generally lower. More controls are needed by central and local government to achieve a positive balance.
A great example of this is the proposed development of c300 low cost houses by Redrow Homes Limited in the Wiltshire village of Southwick. A beautiful green field site is at risk of being lost forever, but brown field sites in the nearby town of Trowbidge are being completely ignored. People not only need somewhere to live. They also need places to enjoy, share and express themselves.

Reasons for signing

  • Our locality has already provided it's fair share of new housing, including affordable house. Brownfield sites (of which Trowbridge has plenty) should provide plenty of planning opportunities. Mr Easton has presented a excellent case against the two objectionable applications.
  • The proposals are outrageous! soon we,ll have no green spaces left at all round southwick! Im well aware of the need 4 housing, but this amount concentrated in this area is unacceptable!Plus the blatent self interest of the landowners concerned beggers belief!! Bruce m
  • This is a lovely area of unspoilt farmland which deserves to be kept whilst there are surely many brown field sites in Trowbridge that could be developed first.


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