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To: Wolverhampton Magistrates Court

Save and Support The Pegasus Pub from closure and losing Licence

1st May 2017 will again be at the Pegasus. Thanks to all those who signed petitions in support of our venue the Pegasus. Threat to licence was dropped by Wolverhampton council before it went to court and changes to security have been agreed.

Save and Support The Pegasus Pub from closure and losing Licence

Grant the appeal against revoking the licence of the Pegasus Pub, Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton WV6 0QQ

Why is this important?

Whitmore Reans is a diverse and vibrant community lacking many resources. Whitmore Reans cannot afford to lose the Pegasus Pub, an important community resource .

Due to an incident unrelated to the pub the police have blamed Mr Balbinder Singh Gill and his son for not notifying the police even though police attended on the night and Mr Gill and son fully cooperated and provided all the CCTV to help with investigations.


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Reasons for signing

  • MAY DAY, MAY DAY is under threat in Wolverhampton, sign this petition please to help save the Pegasus Pub, our annual venue in Whitmore Reans.


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