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To: The producers of Stilton cheese

Save badgers in Notts and Leics

Save badgers in Notts and Leics

Stop buying milk from local suppliers involved in badger culling until they withdraw from the cull.

Why is this important?

We are a group of people who live in and around the Vale of Belvoir (an area that straddles the Leics/Notts border). We deplore the culling of badgers wherever they are, but here badgers have been vaccinated as part of the Defra-sponsored Badger Edge Vaccination Scheme (BEVS) since 2015.

We understand TB poses a serious threat to the livelihood of cattle farmers but we believe, rather than making war on our native wildlife, the focus should be on achieving a vaccine to administer to cattle. In order to bring about the cull a company was formed by a group of people who approached the local farmers asking for them to sign up to their application. It is as a direct result of an orchestrated campaign by this local group of landowners that has brought about the cull.

This cruel and barbaric treatment of a previously protected species is at odds with the governments’ recent policy announcement that it wishes to move in the direction of cattle vaccination and away from culling badgers. Those farmers who supported the BEVS project in previous years have now dropped out; we can only speculate whether this was a result of intimidation, peer pressure, or other reasons. No scientific evidence has been shown that these badgers are transmitting bovine TB.

This is one of the few areas allowed to produce Stilton Cheese. The producers are proud that their cheese is made from local milk, so their milk suppliers are the very farmers involved in the cull. Stilton cheese is now, in a very real sense, tainted with - and the producers complicit with - the ongoing slaughtering of badgers.

We are calling on the Stilton Cheese producers to terminate their contracts with local milk providers unless the latter withdraw from the culling programme immediately.

To show we are serious we also call on anyone who cares about British wildlife to stop buying Stilton Cheese until the cull in this area has been abandoned and vaccination reinstated.


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