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To: Theresa Villiers

Save Barnet Breastfeeding Support Service!

13/03/18 WE WON!

Thank you for signing our petition. We have just received communication that we wanted to share with everyone.

We are delighted to announce, that thanks to all your support, the Barnet Breastfeeding Support Service has been granted an extension for another 2 years!

Thank you to everyone who shared the petition, signed the petition, attended the coffee meet up demonstration , wrote to your councillors and MPs and made noise showing your support for the service. It has been powerful and loud enough to get your voices heard and keep a vital service going for families in the local borough.

A big thank you from us all!

Barnet Breastfeeding Support Campaign

Save Barnet Breastfeeding Support Service!

Reverse the decision by Barnet Council to remove funding for the Barnet breastfeeding support service.

Why is this important?

The Barnet breastfeeding support service is a small team of trained, highly experienced workers.

This service provides FREE breastfeeding support every week day across the whole borough of Barnet. It has been running since 2014 and has supported over 1,500 families.

The service provides antenatal and postnatal one to one support to mothers through: home visits, drop in groups, baby groups, phone & email support.

After having my 3rd baby I was struggling with feeding. The midwives were really helpful but due to the pressures on the NHS they just didnt have the time to spend supporting me. The Barnet Breastfeeding Support Service was the one service that I felt gave me time and non-judgemental support when i needed it the most, both emotional and practical.

7 years ago when my first baby was born there were just 2 groups offering breastfeeding support in the borough, both of which started at 9am, which were impossible for me to attend as a mother of a new baby! I would hate for the borough to regress back to this, very limited support, if anything.

Report findings show that for just five illnesses, moderate increases in breastfeeding would translate into cost savings for the NHS of up to £50 million and tens of thousands of fewer hospital admissions and GP consultations.

Please help us save this service!

London Borough of Barnet

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Reasons for signing

  • Breast feeding is so important to a babies long term health and the attachment that a mother develops with her baby is so wonderful
  • This service is essential. I had 2 children at Barnet and my heart broke whilst there seeing mothers being failed as there was already not enough help for them as new mothers trying to breast feed. Breast IS best. Don’t stop supporting mums.
  • Breastfeeding is hard and causes lots if people anxiety. Services like this can be the difference between sticking with it or not. They are also invaluable sources of information and sharing and socialising between people. We need more not fewer groups like this.


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