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To: Peter Soulsby, City Mayor

Save Belgrave Library

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Anna Walsh

UPDATE: 11/11/2016 We did it!! I’m ecstatic!
The council have just announced that Belgrave Library will stay open in its current location!

Save Belgrave Library

Don't close Belgrave library.

Why is this important?

Belgrave library is the most used neighbourhood library in Leicester with over 200,000 visitors each year. It also provides much needed services such as basic computer courses, a daily homework club and toddler time.

One parent said, 'If the library goes, how will my children do their homework?'.

The council plans to close Belgrave library and move some services into the already busy Neighbourhood Centre. As well as losing library services, this plan puts Neighbourhood Centre services, such as the lunch club at risk.

The library is the heart of our community, a space where all sections of the community meet and find out what is happening locally. Closing the library would have a massive impact on children, older people, the BME community, those who need language support, the socially isolated and those on low incomes.

Save our library - whatever it takes...

Belgrave, Leicester

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Reasons for signing

  • To save our library
  • Belgrave library gave me my love of books & a lace to study. I wouldn't have gone to university without the space & support I received there
  • Its needfull


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