To: The trustees and management of Citizens Advice Northumberland

Save Berwick Citizens Advice Bureau

Keep Berwick Citizens Advice Bureau open and adequately staffed

Why is this important?

Citizens Advice Northumberland plans to close all its local offices and expand telephone and internet advice. The intention is to reduce the face-face service in Berwick from five days a week to two with no permanent staff or base.

We believe Berwick needs a local office to help people who are unable or unwilling to access the internet or deal with an extended phone call. Those who use the face-to-face service are some of the most vulnerable in our community. They are those most in need of help. They have nowhere else to go.

Please support the campaign to save your local CAB. If you haven’t already needed its help, you may one day!


Reasons for signing

  • The staff at Berwick CAB were really helpful in getting my learning disabled son obtain the correct amount of benefits, without them I would have struggled to fill in the confusing paperwork.
  • Cos when I move close to there I am going to need lots of help and advise.
  • Once again NCC has shown a disregard ofBerwick


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