To: First Minister of Scotland

Save Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary

Re-route the 'fast link' to the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route away from Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary

Why is this important?

On 1 December 2005 Tavish Scott, the Scottish Executive transport minister at that time, made the surprising announcement that the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) would follow a line that was not one of the original five routes that went out for public consultation in Spring 2005. The proposed new route combines elements of the original route with the addition of an 8 mile long 'fast link' connecting the AWPR to the A90 at Stonehaven. The following year the line of the 'fast link' was drawn.

The Fast Link of the AWPR cuts out twenty acres of land used by Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary and owned by Redwing Liveries that supports the sanctuary. The adjoining Redwing Riding School, that founded and also supports the sanctuary, will also lose grazing and riding areas to the new road. The loss of twenty acres, combined with the adjacent new dual carriageway and big roundabout causing light, noise and air pollution, will have a devastating effect on the sanctuary, livery and riding school to the point where we will have to think seriously about closing down. There is no available land to buy near-by and the compensation will in no way be enough for us to relocate.

The threat of this road which has been hanging over us for six years is now about to be realised with the final appeal being rejected by the supreme court. The petition is our last ditch attempt to save the sanctuary and the two businesses that support it.

Deeside, United Kingdom

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