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To: East Sussex Fire Authority Members

Save Brighton & Hove City Fire Fighters

Save Brighton & Hove City Fire Fighters

Dear East Sussex Fire Authority Members, the signatories of this petition insist that you instruct the East Sussex Chief Fire Officer not to remove a fire engine from the City of Brighton & Hove and instruct him to make budgetary savings without cutting fire cover within the City.

Reducing the number of fire engines within the City from five to four will lead to slower response times, less personnel, less equipment and fewer home and school fire safety visits. These proposed cuts will cost lives. Savings must not be made by putting the public and fire fighters lives at risk.

We ask that you put public safety ahead of these proposed cuts to front-line emergency services.

Why is this important?

East Sussex Chief Fire Officer has agreed to make £7.1 million of savings. He is proposing to make these savings by cutting emergency frontline fire-fighter posts. As part of the countywide proposed cuts the Chief Fire Officer is proposing to cut a fire engine from the City of Brighton and Hove.

This will leave potentially just 16 fire-fighters protecting 250,000 residents and the hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. These cuts will cost lives. Even East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service's own management team recognise this! These cuts must not be allowed to go ahead.

Please sign the petition and tell them NO!

Brighton, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Because human lives must come before saving money. An acceptable fire service is a statutory obligation of any modern government, and must be upheld.
  • I prefer my taxes to be spend on sensible services. Fire fighting has been part of civilization and has grown for a reason to current levels. It should not be cut because the chief says so or for any other reasons not related to the service.
  • We had a fire and it took 40 minutes to get to us and they couldn't find the hydrant and that was before the cuts. What would happen now with further cuts - the whole house would have burned down. I just hope the Chief Fire officer is showing the way by reducing his salary to show solidarity with his men and those who will be reduced!


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