To: Cardiff Council

Save Cardiff's 'Doctor Who Experience' from closure!

Save Cardiff's 'Doctor Who Experience' from closure!

Stop plans to close Cardiff's popular 'Doctor Who Experience' in the summer of 2017.

Why is this important?

Ok, I admit: this sounds daft and there are many, many more important things out there we should be petitioning for or against. But not only is 'Doctor Who' a global institution, Cardiff's 'Doctor Who Experience' brings much in the way of tourism to an otherwise socioeconomically deprived area, gives local people jobs, does much to improve the economy...and let's face it: in these dark post-Brexit days, we all need some escapism.

Reasons for signing

  • Just like everyone else who has signed this. I want Doctor Who Experience to be open to Whovians for MANY years to come. There's so many people who love Doctor Who and haven't been or love to go all the time. To take this away would be a tragedy.. Already there has been disappointment -
  • To keep it open for fellow Whovians.
  • Doctor Who is a Television programme that has spanned Decades. It has reached the hearts of millions of people worldwide including myself. This landmark should always remain so that all Doctor Who fans, young and old can come and experience the nostalgia and happiness that comes along with the show.


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