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To: Carmarthenshire County Council

Save Carmarthenshire's Disabled Childrens Respite Services

Please do not reduce respite care centres for children with profound needs

Why is this important?

Llys Caradog and Blaenau Respite Centres provide invaluable respite to many children with profound needs and their families across Carmarthenshire preventing many families reaching crisis point.

This service is already oversubscribed. Home based, outreach support is not equivalent. It does not provide the social interactions/opportunities for the children and it does not provide the mental and emotional respite for the family who have a vital break while the child is away from the family home.

"We have been supported by Llys Caradog since our disabled son's behavioural difficulties became increasingly difficult to manage. He can be physically aggressive and needs one to one supervision. Overnight respite at Llys gives our family a much needed break to rest and recharge ready to provide care for our son again."
Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom

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