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To: Therese Coffey MP

Save CERT (UK) Charity

Provide Government funding for CERT (UK) who support flood victims across the UK to continue their much need work.

Why is this important?

Prior to Storm Desmond I hadn't really comprehended what was involved or what was needed; before, during and after such an event. I thought that within a few months people would be okay, insurance companies, local and national government would step in, support and pick up the pieces.

In the real world this isn't really what happens. Now 17 months down the line as an organisation we have over 650 flood affected clients on our books. We have supported over 20,000 homes and businesses throughout the UK with physical, email, social media and verbal support when they have been in crisis, emergency or disaster due to floods and other emergencies. This has accumulated a total of 104,000 volunteer hours over the past 17 months with little to no funds.

We are now in a position that we need to find funds to keep going, with the continued ongoing support and needs of those who were flooded, physically, mentally and emotionally many are still suffering greatly. We have run on a shoe-string the past 17 months with only £153,000 in funding and donations spent to date. This only goes to show that we are extremely frugal with all funding and use every penny to it's best advantage. Overheads are as low as we can possibly make these with limited paid staff, relying on volunteers to make the organisation run.

It's not "If we flood again, it's WHEN we flood again!"




2017-04-28 16:26:40 +0100

We have not just given support of furniture and goods to people who have been affected. We planned, coordinated and delivered the 1st Cumbrian Flood Expo this far north in England with no help, support of financial backing of local or central government:

2017-04-28 16:24:26 +0100

We also, have a virgin giving page to try and raise much need funds. Can you maybe help and support us? Please even a small donation of £3 will pay the lunch for a volunteer for 1 days volunteering.

2017-04-28 16:22:32 +0100

In just 1 hour, we (Sue Dust & myself) will have to close the doors to CERT - Community Emergency Response Team - UK to the public for the final time! This is with an extremely heavy heart as we know that there is nowhere else for our clients to go in Cumbria or the surrounding counties for the type of help and support which we offer.

See the two links:

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