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To: Essex County Council


This building should be for the use of the People of Chelmsford.......Not turned into a another Eating Establishment....

Why is this important?

It is an historical building with an interesting history. It could be used for so many different has one of the best ballrooms with a sprung floor in Essex, it could be used for craft fairs, Exhibitions......a decent Music Centre......many many more functions including a visitors centre


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Reasons for signing

  • The Shire Hall has the most magnificent ballroom and picture room and could be put to so much better use than more restaurants, which Chelmsford does not need. It should be used for the community to enjoy. It would make a wonderful swing band dance venue and wedding venue. It could be used for art exhibitions, craft fairs, tourist and visitor centre and many more functions for the people of Chelmsford and visitors to enjoy.
  • Me and my husband got married in this beautiful hall in 2011. To see it be turned into many cafe would be a shame. It is a beautiful venue for weddings parties any special occasion maybe advertise the hall better and it would be booked up most of the year. Maybe a nice restaurant keeping the hall the same instead of a chain restaurant. Even then I think it's a shame
  • Shire Hall should remain a building for the public. It would be ideal for culture and art. Turning it into another restaurant will simply destroy its purpose. Essex County Council have made a mistake.


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