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Save Dean Park cricket ground

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Susan Flett
Save Dean Park cricket ground

We want to save Bournemouth's Dean Park cricket ground, acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful in England, which is in danger of being sold, potentially for housing. Don't let developers snap up this 61/2 acre site which is doubtless one of the most attractive building plots in England.

Please help to preserve Dean Park as a sports ground.

Why is this important?

There are relatively few traces of Bournemouth's glorious past but Dean Park cricket ground, in a treasured conservation area, is one of them. This precious site is a legacy of Victorian times when 'gentlemen' played professionals.

The ground was used for the first time for athletic sports in connection with the new Bournemouth Cricket Club in the spring of 1871; the first match was played on the 30th June 1871. Since that time it has been in constant use and before 1974 when Bournemouth was moved from Hampshire into Dorset it was Hampshire's county cricket ground and continued in that role till the early 90's. AFC Bournemouth used it as their football ground at one time and it was the launch pad for the internationally famous West Hants Lawn Tennis Club. The Duke of Edinburgh led the winning team in September 1949 in a match at the ground.

More recently the ground has been leased to Bournemouth University and still hosts many games as well as being a venue for local schools to teach cricket and stage sports days. Now the lease is running out and Bournemouth University say they can't afford to carry on.

Not just local residents but everyone who values our English heritage is urged to sign this petition to save Dean Park as a multi-use sport ground.
If we lose this cricket ground then we lose a part of our cultural heritage and we lose a part of England forever.

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More background:

Dean Park Cricket Ground, Bournemouth

Reasons for signing

  • Iconic peaceful sports ground in the town centre.
  • This is an amazing place and worth fighting for, good luck to the friends.
  • Unique part of Bournemouth's heritage will be gone forever if there is change of use of the pavilion. The area cannot afford more housing either as is congested enough already.


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