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To: Peterborough Diocese Educational Trust

Save Easton Garford School

Save Easton Garford School

Stop the closure of Easton Garford School

Why is this important?

Peterborough Diocese Educational Trust (PDET) have just informed us that they want to close our village school. This has just been communicated a number of weeks before the end of term. Their proposal is to bus our little ones to the other side of Stamford!

The educational welfare of our children is more important than being 'financially viable'.

We cannot be forced in to a new school selection just because PDET have chosen to announce this so late.

Easton on the Hill

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Update from Tom Pursglove MP:
This week, I have been contacted by several constituents who are very concerned about the proposed relocation of Easton Garford Endowed C of E Primary School, for the next academic year. These proposals are causing great concern for parents with children at the school due to the distance they would have to travel to the school’s new location in Rutland, as well as concerns that they have not had sufficient time to plan for September. I have therefore written to the Chief Executive of Peterborough Diocese Education Trust, and to both the Chief Executive, and the Leader of Northamptonshire County Council, to request an urgent meeting to discuss this matter. Rest assured, I will be keeping a close eye on this matter, and post any updates that I have, here.

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Good news

Just had a call from Linda Weller in the offices of councillor Heather Smith. They have been gathering lots of info on this and whilst they have not reached a conclusion she can confirm that they have not been consulted on this and are not sure that this can legally be done at such short notice!

She has passed this on to the Regional Schools Commissioner, Martin Post, who is responsible for making decisions about academies in our local authority.

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