To: The Chair and Members of the West Lindsey District Council Planning Committee, Lincolnshire.

Save Glentham from Factory Farming

Save Glentham from Factory Farming

REFUSE PLANNING PERMISSION to ESCO NRG Ltd, Application No. 136274, to build a poultry rearing factory just yards from Glentham village.

Why is this important?

We live here. We like it here. There are only about 500 of us living in the village. It's a friendly, clean, peaceful and thriving village community. Most folk living here are hard-working young families, or retired. Many have lived here their whole life. Glentham lies on the edge of the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds, a designated area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. You can see the Wolds from our village. We want to keep it that way. Years ago our village council put forward a detailed, sustainable development plan for Glentham, as part of future planning for West Lindsey District. It was all about sustainability and growth. This large scale industrial development proposal flies in the face of that district development plan and threatens the rural environment, livelihood, health and well-being of the people who have chosen to live here.

They want to build a FACTORY on AGRICULTURAL farmland ON THE VERY EDGE OF THE VILLAGE! It will house up to 400,000 birds at a time. 400,000 birds whose 38 days of life will be spent in tortuous, diseased conditions to provide meat for mass produced “convenience foods”. The factory will be positioned less than 400 yards from the village, directly behind several private houses, scarring the open views of the local area and the Lincolnshire Wolds. If it goes ahead we can expect all the problems associated with industry - unsightly buildings, pollution, smells, health risks to people and animals, traffic congestion and noise.

The agents acting for the developers have submitted a weak application containing little relevant information to support this type of “farming”, and are dragging their heels to provide the West Lindsey District Council Planning Department with accurate details about the nature of the proposed development. This is a tactic they routinely employ in the hope that objectors will give up or settle for minor adjustments to their plans. Indeed, a spokesperson for the agents boasted about their strategies in an article published in “Farmers Weekly”. They have already been granted an extension and had more than enough time to make their case, yet have failed to submit the necessary detailed reports and plans (which would eat into their profits) requested by the Planning Officers.
A determined group of residents is fighting back against this industrial giant. We believe the application should be rejected out of hand for the benefit of the wider community, and the preservation of the rural and farming landscape. We have researched, emailed, leafleted, and donated money to cover legal costs, publicity materials etc. We continue to object to the Planning Department, and are spreading the word on social media platforms. We need your support for our petition, and if you can spare some cash for our legal costs, please donate!

Glentham, near Market Rasen, Lincolnshire.

Reasons for signing

  • Easterly winds would blow any odours and pollution directly into my property. I am seriously concerned about the health implications of this on myself and other elderly residents of Glentham and the surrounding area.
  • This proposed development is not permitted in accordance with the current Central Lincolnshire County Plan and should not be allowed.
  • This proposed development is of an industrial scale in an open agricultural landscape set too close to populated areas. Furthermore its access is on the most dangerous road in Britain frequently used by motorcyclists; I fear it will be an accident waiting to happen. This development has the potential to seriously damage the character of the village and local environment and have a negative affect of the local tourist industry with the possibility of lost jobs.


2017-10-16 18:29:03 +0100

Fundraising to pay for legal representation is now a priority. You can help us without paying a penny whenever you shop online, by registering with

2017-10-12 15:29:47 +0100

Thanks to everyone who has signed so far. We are getting closer to the final date for submission of objections to WLDC, so please encourage everyone you know who cares about the countryside and how our food is produced to sign up. So far we have paid for all costs from donations made by Glentham Action Group supporters and active members, but if it goes to appeal we will have to do some serious fundraising to pay for legal advice and representation. More about this on our Facebook page, Challenge Factory Farming. Please spread the word. Deadline for objections is 15th October.

2017-10-04 22:17:30 +0100

Thank you SO much to all those who have signed up in support of our cause. A meeting of the Glentham Action Group this evening was well attended. Support is growing! Can you help further by persuading one friend or family member to add their name to our petition?

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