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To: East Lothian Council Planning Sub-committee

Save Goshen Green Belt

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Barbara Anderson
Save Goshen Green Belt

Do not approve the development of housing at the Goshen Farm site.

Why is this important?

We feel it is important because work at St. Clements Wells, Wallyford (1,450 houses) has now started. We therefore see no need for any additional housing at the proposed Goshen Farm development. Our main objections to the development are: the inevitable increase to the traffic in the already heavily congested town of Musselburgh: and how this development would merge the towns of Musselburgh, Wallyford and Prestonpans into one urban area with the subsequent loss of the individual towns' identities.

In Addition, if Goshen development goes ahead we will lose...
- A huge section of already diminishing Greenbelt land.
- Some of the best Grade 1 agricultural land in Scotland. This is a precious resource.
- Biodiversity.
- A wildlife corridor which allows migratory birds to reach the Lagoons.
- A section of the historic Pinkie Battlefield site.

East Lothian

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Reasons for signing

  • Every day I witness another bit of countryside being turned into a housing scheme, where is it going to stop? stop being so greedy, developers!
  • Another chunk of Greenbelt under threat around Edinburgh and it's neighbour's that was set up specifically to prevent this type of development and protect areas of wildlife and nature that are as vital to our health and well being as they are to the wildlife that lives in them. Same thing happening north and south of Edinburgh (Save Damhead's Greenbelt on Facebook and Save Edinburgh's Greenbelt at Brunstane are 2 of many that spring to mind, both on Facebook with petitions).
  • Because the Government and developers are intent on turning this country into a sea of concrete!


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