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To: United Hospitals Lincolnshire Trust

Save Grantham Hospital A&E Services

Save Grantham Hospital A&E Services

Re instate full A and E services to Grantham Hospital.

Why is this important?

Grantham A&E department has closed its night service due to a staffing crisis. This A&E service could make all the difference in someone's hour of need. In crisis, Grantham A&E is the closest and best option. But it needs the funding and staff to run the service effectively.

Closing this Service means patients will travel long distances to Lincoln, Boston and QMC.This department provides a Service to over 129,000 people in Grantham and surrounding areas. Our hospital has served the local area for decades and should still be serving us for the decades to come.

Here are a few articles about the closure in the news:
Grantham Journal:



Grantham and District Hospital, Manthorpe Road, Grantham

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Reasons for signing

  • Need local A and E.
  • Grantham A and E saved my life in the middle of the night,
  • We need 24 hour A and E when the nearest other A and E is 45 minutes away


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