To: Connolly and Callaghan

Save Hamilton House

Save Hamilton House

We the undersigned will campaign to stop backdoor, profit motivated development of our community buildings. We demand that Hamilton House be sold into community ownership for the benefit of its community to protect Bristol’s creative and community led culture. #savehamiltonhouse

Why is this important?

Not only have we recently lost two amazing organisations in Stokes Croft, Jacknife and Mark My Words, but now there is an immediate threat to Hamilton House being gentrified through the backdoor with artist studios and community businesses being developed into flats. The landlord has handed a vacant possession order to the building manager Coexist CIC for August 11th, making 300 artists and another 400 people working in valuable creative and community activity without a legal contract or any guaranteed security for the future. We need to protect these community buildings. Sign the petition. Act Now!

Stokes Croft, Bristol

Reasons for signing

  • Great venue, great music
  • Supporting a valued community space for local art and social venue which isnt profit driven and makes stokes croft/bristol great
  • The relentlas gentrification of our once fine city with no thought for the community is ruining Bristol :(


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