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Save Henry Prince First School

Save Henry Prince First School

More funding for the school, or at the very least allow more time for fundraising and the possibility of gaining sponsorship for an amazing village First school.

Why is this important?

The school is only small, with less than 40 students this current academic year. However, it is a massive part of the village and plays a huge role in providing vital education for our children.
If the school closes, it would be at a colossal detriment to parents and more importantly, the children that attend the school.
The children absolutely love the school, teachers and family atmosphere.

The closest first school to Henry Prince is Dove First, which is 7 miles away and would be a great hardship for parents to get their children to and from school.

All support would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you


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Reasons for signing

  • This school means a lot to the local community
  • It's a good school, the children enjoy it and its at the very heart of the community. The alternative school is 7 miles away which is too far for for 4, 5, 6 and 7 year olds to travel by school bus unaccompanied.
  • This was my first school along with my brothers, my mum and grandad also my nephews all went to this school, It’s a great village school. X


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