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To: Hounslow Council

Save Hounslow's Green Spaces and Parks

Save Hounslow's Green Spaces and Parks

Stop releasing community green spaces and parks for rent and building purposes, without community agreement or support, keep them maintained for local people and families to use.

Why is this important?

There are many people living in the local community without gardens who rely on these parks for invaluable outside space throughout the year. Whether it's for family picnics, walking dogs, meeting friends or essential exercise. The green spaces and parks also provide physical and psychological escape in built up areas.

These areas have been poorly maintained and are now being sold off for instant financial gratification, we need a longer term view. We pay towards and deserve well maintained green areas for the whole community to enjoy. Once they are built on it's too late, it has to be stopped now and the areas preserved for future generations to enjoy as an escape from hectic London living.

London Borough of Hounslow

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Reasons for signing

  • We need our green spaces kept for our future families ok.
  • Fed up of traffic and want to keep green land space
  • Maintain green spaces and look after remaining green land


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