To: Arts Council England

Save JSLN Dance Company's UK tour of Odile

Save JSLN Dance Company's UK tour of Odile

To the Arts Council of England - please reverse your decision to turn down JSLN Dance Company's application for funding.

Why is this important?

This small company brings neo-classical ballet of an extremely high standard to small towns and venues that would otherwise never think of staging professional ballet. Last year they came to Glossop with 'Variations of Pointe 2'. Most of the audience had never seen live ballet before and were there out of curiosity or because children or grandchildren were keen. We were mesmerised by the experience and looking forward to a return visit. This is a piece of genuine outreach by highly talented artistes working on a shoestring and it should be encouraged.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Please share. Had to cancel in Bude due to lack of support from Arts Council.
  • This Company offer to beautiful, professional ballet in halls both large and small. They are a warm and friendly bunch whose company we enjoy very much
  • Never seen any ballet before they came to our Hall. Blown away!


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