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To: Harrogate Council

Save Knaresborough (and Ripon) Market

Save Knaresborough (and Ripon) Market

We understand that after a recent audit Harrogate Council have decided to require stall holders for Knaresborough and Ripon Markets to provide their own stalls. We would like the Council to reverse this decision. This action threatens to destroy our historic markets, Knaresborough being the longest continually running market in the country, with a royal charter dating back to 1310. Providing their own stalls will prove impossible for many stall holders whom currently are a vital part of our markets, as they come from far and wide and bring many goods with them already.

Why is this important?

The markets create important revenue for the already struggling town centres. Many people travel specifically to Knaresborough and Ripon to shop at the markets, and whilst they’re there, they also patronise the other local businesses, most of whom will say that Wednesday (Thursday in Ripon) is their busiest day. We are lucky in our towns to have a traditional communities where we can shop for everything such as meat, bread and vegetables locally. This is a rare experience in the modern world, and one to be treasured, especially as it promotes local community and ecological trading.


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Reasons for signing

  • Harrogate Council's demand is totally unrealistic and will result in the valuable market's decline.
  • As well as being a vibrant trading market, it is an important local event. People gather here. It gives a sense of belonging and much-needed coherence to an expanding community.
  • Because I've lived here for 50 years, and the market is one of the few historic features left to us., many of which are lost because of unsympathetic decisions made by those who see Knaresborough as a 'poor relation.' Mustn't happen.


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