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To: Lambeth Council

Save Lambeth Children's Centres!

Save Lambeth Children's Centres!

We are urging the council to stop the cuts and end the restructure to Lambeth children's centres. We want a guarantee the number of sites, services, opening hours and staff will be maintained..

Why is this important?

Only two years after the last round of devastating cuts to our children's centres, many children in Lambeth are in danger of losing out on essential early years support. The Council have announced plans for a borough-wide restructure, which threatens five centres with closure. Another seven centres will have their provision cut in half under these proposals, and many staff are faced with losing their jobs.

Children's Centres are a vital service for parents and their children in our local area. They combat isolation and loneliness which many of us experience when on maternity leave or looking after early years children. They provide support and guidance from professionals as well as a chance to mix with a range of families you didn't know before.

Lambeth, London

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