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To: Sefton Council

Save Linaker Children's Centre

Save Linaker Children's Centre

Keep Linaker Children's Centre Unchanged And Remaining Open For The Public

Why is this important?

Sefton Council are WRONGLY trying to close Linaker Childrens Centre. This is the central hub for many families. This Centre helps and supports many families receiving support with parenting issues, Iscolation to socialise, education & support into employment, housing and financial issues, legal issues, domestic abuse, drink and drug abuse support, emmotional support & well being & also pregnancy. The team at Linaker Childrens Centre support every families needs to a high standard, they remain proffesional yet show empathy & personalise their work to individual families needs. We need to stand united as we and our families as weel as our future families get the heldp and support we deserve. we cant and we will not just stand back and watch Linaker Childrens Centre CLOSE. Linaker Children's Centre is a well known establishment and is loved by all its families no matter what Sefton Council say about this extraordinary centre the answer is we all say NO you CANNOT close Linaker Children's Centre or change it the support and the staff are out of this world so this cannot happen Linaker Children's Centre should remain untouched end of!!!
Will you please help our community and our families. Sign Our Petition Today!!!

How it will be delivered

We Intend To Hand Deliver Our Petition To Sefton Council & Our Local MP (Damien Moore) And Are Prepared To Go Further If Necessary

Linaker Street, Southport

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Reasons for signing

  • I have used Linaker Children Centre as a parent of a young child and a professional. It worries me without this service children and their families will not access services outside their local area. Everyday parents will pop in just for advice and many parents use the groups that are ran there. Professionals see children and parents there. The staff at Linaker Children Centre are amazing and they really care about the people that use their service.
  • The staff have been very supportive during a difficult time
  • Even with Councils @ 50% Budget due to Tory Cuts. I Think Sefton Should Secure this Centre For the sake of Present & Future Families & Children's Help, Support & Development.


2017-10-03 09:21:53 +0100

Well done everyone we have 100 signatures so far so we can now start our approach with the council

2017-10-03 07:03:15 +0100

100 signatures reached

2017-09-29 18:57:54 +0100

50 signatures reached

2017-09-29 11:01:57 +0100

Come on guys the pressure is on if we can get 100 signatures we can then start our approach with the council

2017-09-29 10:56:41 +0100

25 signatures reached

2017-09-28 20:15:41 +0100

10 signatures reached