Save Little Oasis DIY Skatepark

To: Clive Hart, Leader of Thanet District Council, Ward Councillor Cliftonville West

Save Little Oasis DIY Skatepark
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Work with a constituted group to encourage a DIY sports facility on part of the disused land formerly known as the Little Oasis Crazy Golf course. To work with us to re-build a safe park that the community can engage with. To support the rebuilding of the skate park and applications for funding.

Why is this important?

On Thursday 27th March, Thanet council bulldozed our local community built skatepark with no notice, now they need to work with the local community to re-build it.

Thousands of locals have spent time using this free community facility. Skating can bring together communities and encourage a positive outlook on life. If we work with Clive Hart we could create a safe family friendly community resource in one of the most deprived areas in England.

You can read more about the council bulldozing the community skate park here:

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  • Thomas R. 2014-04-28 20:03:18 +0100
    Why wouldn't i sign this, if people don't work together then this world is as good as dead.
  • Katie P. 2014-04-27 16:08:49 +0100
    Why take away a place where kids can go? All it will do is incease anti social behaviour out of boredom. Seriously TDC, I loved skateparks when I was growing up. Had such a sense of community. Rebuild!!!!!!!
  • nikki m. 2014-04-20 23:36:29 +0100
    Actually the council committed an offence, the person/ persons who ordered this, if they can be identified should be charged with criminal damage to public property and vandalism the same as any other person would be if caught damaging/ vandalising public property. the ramps im sure were built through hard work and donation of time and "property" as a community project the same as if someone donated a sculpture, a piece of street furniture or some thing to add to a play park.


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