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To: The Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne

Save Moorbank Botanic Garden, Newcastle

Save Moorbank Botanic Garden, Newcastle

We are calling on you to allow a third party to take over the lease at Moorbank to ensure the future of the Botanic Gardens.

Doing this would allow the Friends of Moorbank to continue to care for the plant collections. It would also allow for an increase in the number of days that school children and other members of the public can access the garden.

Why is this important?

Moorbank Botanic Gardens are under threat. In October 2012, Newcastle University revealed they were withdrawing support from the site that they have occupied for 90 years. Since then, the 50 garden volunteers, the Friends of Moorbank, have been working hard to save the garden and keep it open to the public. We have put forward plans to take over the care of the gardens but these have been rejected by the Freemen of Newcastle who are the landlords. They are planning to close the site to the public and relocate the plants of botanical interest.

Thousands of visitors have taken the opportunity to enjoy Moorbank and learn more about plants, since the Friends of Moorbank was formed and volunteers opened the gates 10 years ago. Moorbank holds collections of rare plants not found in other UK botanic gardens. Losing this vital resource will have significant damage to the UK’s plant collections.

There is a huge amount of public support for the gardens, please help us save this wonderful local resource by signing our petition.

Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4NL, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Why Newcastle has to be such a second-class place. Not even a botanical garden just pubs and strip clubs.
  • I signed because I love Moorbank so much and it would be an environmental disaster if it closed down. We need green spaces like Moorbank to live, and if there was no flowers, there would be no bees to pollinate, and without pollination, there would be no fruit or berries to feed us and other animals. Plus, I think Moorbank is very pretty with its exotic flowers and is a fantastic place to educate the little ones and have fun at the same time. :-)
  • We need to keep green spaces like this for future generations


2013-06-27 22:46:50 +0100

Thanks everyone for signing and sharing this petition with your friends, family and other contacts. We're well over the 1000 mark. We're pleased to let you know that the Freemen have agreed to meet with the Friends to discuss the situation regarding Moorbank's future during the week of the 8th July. We would love to have over 2000 signatures by then, so please keep telling people about us and our campaign. If you would like paper copies of the petition, please email us on and we can send you them to be returned by Friday 5th July. Many thanks!

2013-06-26 18:53:46 +0100

1000 signatures reached

2013-06-26 15:00:23 +0100

We are getting close to 1000 signatures. You can check out updates on our website now: to see press links and other details. We hope to be able to present this petition to the Freemen within the next few weeks, so we're really pushing for people to sign it as soon as possible. Every signature shows the Freemen that there is support for a Botanic Garden in Newcastle, and they can't let it close or go to waste. Thank you.

2013-06-24 09:57:48 +0100

Wow! We've reached 500 signatures already. Thanks for all the effort everyone. Every signature is valuable and we hope to be able to influence the Freemen's decision if we keep going at this rate. It's lovely to hear everyone's comments about how much they value Moorbank and want to keep it as a resource for Newcastle. In particular, how much it's valued for education and learning purposes.

2013-06-23 21:40:10 +0100

500 signatures reached

2013-06-21 23:54:09 +0100

Thank you so much everyone for the response so far, it's lovely to have so many signatures so quickly. Please keep sharing the petition and getting everyone you know to sign. Moorbank is such a special place that it deserves saving and keeping for future generations. Thank you.

2013-06-21 16:24:57 +0100

100 signatures reached

2013-06-21 10:11:49 +0100

50 signatures reached

2013-06-21 07:17:48 +0100

25 signatures reached

2013-06-20 22:11:32 +0100

10 signatures reached