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To: North Devon Council

Save North Devon Theatres

We won! The peition was presented to the council who decided to re-open the theatres!

They said: "it is in the public interest” to reopen the theatres as soon as possible in order to “mitigate the negative impact on both the community and commercial theatre programme”

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Save North Devon Theatres

North Devon Council, please re-open North Devon Theatres as soon as possible!

Why is this important?

The Queens theatre in Barnstaple and The Landmark theatre in Ilfracombe are set to be closed down.

They are a vital community hub that bring vibrancy and cultural life to the heart of North Devon, aswell as lots of much-needed employment.

There are over 100 staff and volunteers engaged in providing a variety of live entertainment and educational activities to the area.

We cannot afford to let these fantastic people and buildings go.

North Devon District

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Reasons for signing

  • I feel very strongly that venues for education and entertainment should be kept for the public. It would be a sad place without these facilities
  • I like to go to the theatre and want that to continue
  • These are vital facilities for art, culture and entertainment for North Devon


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