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To: Thames Water

Open Nunhead Reservoir

We want Thames Water to open Nunhead Reservoir to the public, so that everybody can enjoy the view and the open space. They can use some of the profit they make from their bill payers to supply bins and official entrances. Replant the trees they dug up and take down the ugly fence around the perimeter.

Why is this important?

Nunhead Reservoir has one of the best views in South London. It has been a much loved picnicking spot, place to relax and hang out with friends for many years, and deserves to be officially opened so that everybody can enjoy it. London is being sold off piece by piece to private owners for private interests, let's not let them take this much loved green space along with it.

How it will be delivered

We will email the signatures to Thames Water

Nunhead Reservoir, London Borough of Southwark

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