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To: Greene King

Save O'Donoghues, Marlow

Save O'Donoghues, Marlow

Please don't close down our local pub, O'Donoghues, and turn it into a restaurant or gastropub.

Why is this important?

O'Donoghues is a true community pub in the heart of Marlow. It's the only pub in the town that doesn't serve food, that shows a wide array of sports and appeals to a variety of (adult) ages.

We think the proposed plans will remove the community aspect of the pub, and transform it into a gastropub like the others we have in the area.

Currently, it is a quintessential British boozer that is a favourite, not just amongst locals, but also the friends we have brought here. Countless relationships have been made in this pub and all the regular patrons (of which there are many) are saddened and disappointed at the proposal to fundamentally change what makes our pub so special.

We understand that the pub needs to make profit, but surely there is a way to still make a profit whilst keeping the character, clientele and true essence of our local pub. Please support us.


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